host aggregator

Affordable and intuitive B2B marketplace where customers and professional hosting providers interact

Enterprise-oriented platform for secure and super reliable data storage, transfer and direct content distribution

Our background

8+ years of file hosting experience

Monitored by Web Shield for IP and BRAM violations

Top 3 File Sharing Websites in Japan

Top 400 Most Visited Websites in Asia

80M+ users

Over 20 PB of storage capacity

1M+ new users monthly

40M visits per month

How Rapidgator Backs

Consulting us on technology and branding
Providing technical specialists for system development
Financing our Marketing campaign
Rapidgator capacities will be used for our test launch


Use of distributed ledger technology

Security and confidentiality
  • High fault tolerance due to no single point of failure
  • Confidentiality: only addresses (wallets) are used for verification
  • Timestamps can be used to prove copyright or ownership

Engagement of professional hosting providers

Utmost reliability and cost-effectiveness
  • Hosting professionals take multiregional redundancy, regular backups and collaboration with multiple ISP providers as part of their job, which guarantees uninterrupted service and uptime close to 100%
  • Professional equipment is energy efficient and cost-effective

Unfettered marketplace

Affordable, scalable pricing
  • Professional hosts always have underutilized capacities they'd love to put to work
  • An unbridled marketplace where exchange-based mechanism of price formation and unlimited number of participants underlie affordability
  • No price restrictions
  • Pay-per-use model

How it works

Contractors make an insurance deposit

Customer sends a storage request specifying file size, storage period and other terms (e.g. download fee)

Contractors (Hosts) make their offers

The system forms a list of the best offers

Customer chooses a Host (or several) based on rates and prices and proceeds with the payment

Host sees the payment transaction and sends a URL for file upload

Customer uploads the file; the file is split into chunks, encrypted with the private key and sent to the Host’s servers

Customer or someone they grant access to downloads the file using the public key

How do I benefit


Gets supersafe and affordable data storage and transmission

Storage provider

is rewarded for data storage and gets a possibility to utilize unused disc space


is remunerated for verifying transactions and forging blocks


gets a reward for data transmission

Use cases

Secure international transactions with remote payment

Backups for businesses made by professionals at the best suitable price

Transfer photos, videos and other materials with proof of copyright

Deliver new film prints to cinemas in a flash without data leakage or extra costs incurred

Distribute your authentic content seamlessly without intermediaries: artists upload their works, set a fee and share the download link with the audience


ICOExpanding the Team: looking for talented developers,economists, lawyers, etc.Baseline Research and Development: benchmark blockchainengines for MASPC blockchain, UX prototyping, Deploymentflow engineering, ETH smart contract prototype with testsIntegration testingBug fixing, system enhancementClient software improvementLegal: adjusting legal documentationViable economic model: elaboration and inspectionGrowing the community andentering new marketsSystem launchMASPC blockchain platform development: blockchain node instance with APIETH smart-contract improvement, testing, auditMiner software with Ethereum oracle functionalBaseline Stock software development and testingBaseline Hosting software development and testingBaseline Client software development and testingAlpha launch and testing routinesQIIIQIVQIQIQIIQIIIQIV201820192020QII

Proceeds allocation

5%International offices to enrolnew participants3%Bounty15%Initial infrastructure10%Contingencies67%Development and launch


Alexander Rakhmanov
Eugene Parafiynyk
Ivan Kurnavin
Irene Pashkovskaya
Vadim Zubkov
Maria Lapuk
Dmitriy Gonchar
Vlad Alekseev
Maksim Motovilov
Oleg Romensky
Boris Sanin
Valentyn Smaha
Daria Polyvyan
Vladimir Korovkin

Job openings

Senior Node.js Engineer

  • Node.js
  • ES6
  • Async/await
  • Promises
  • Git flow
  • Websockets
  • SQL / NoSQL DB

Senior React.js Engineer

  • OOP
  • ReactJS
  • Familiarity with design patterns
  • JS
  • ES6+
  • Flow
  • Redux
  • GraphQL
  • ExpressJS
  • Websockets
  • Webpack
  • Autotests (jest, puppeteer, etc)
  • Experience with CSS postprocessors and preprocessors: SASS/LESS
  • Understanding of Continuous Integration systems
  • Git

Frontend and UX Architect

  • Product analytics
  • Prototyping (Figma, Sketch, Invision etc)
  • Beta-testing
  • Organizing split-tests
  • Code-sharing strategies
  • Mobile apps security
  • Autotesting strategies
  • CI/CD strategies

Blockchain Engineer

  • Passion for DLT
  • Expert knowledge of security protocols and encryption
  • Proficient in distributed computing
  • Solidity
  • Truffle
  • Experience in implementing APIs and SDKs
  • Proficient in JS frameworks

FAQ is a decentralized host aggregator for data storage, transmission and direct distribution of the authored content. brings together professional hosting providers gathering them on a single platform where they are rated and sorted out by the system by a range of criteria. Thus clients can find a host with the best suitable terms in a few clicks
We use blockchain for decentralization to grant high fault-tolerance in case of attacks. DLT also enables using addresses (wallets) for verification in order to bypass the proof of identity and maintain anonymity of the participants. Timestamps may serve for defense of intellectual property rights or as a proof of ownership.

Centralized data storage services are reliable, but insecure, as there’s a possibility of data scanning. Data leaks and theft with centralized silos are not rare.

Decentralized storage services solve the problem of insecurity due to use of blockchain technology. However, they rely on a network of consumer devices that are simply not adjusted to high load and 24/7 work. This may result in data corruption and loss. empowers the customer to choose everything – from the host, number of backups and parts the file is split into to the types of encryption used.

Engagement of professional hosting providers renders a completely reliable service granting you instant and round-the-clock data access. Use of blockchain technology underpins confidentiality and security.

Data loss and corruption cost millions of dollars to enterprises. combines ultimate security which centralized storage services exclude and utter reliability their decentralized alternatives cannot grant. The unbridled marketplace with no pricing restrictions, absence of fixed packages and a variety of contractors allows for the cost-effective price businesses will also benefit from.

But for the traditional data storage and transmission, can be used for confirmation of transactions (document signature time) and proof of ownership. Our system can simplify and expedite the defense of patents, trademarks and intellectual property rights. is ideal for direct distribution of the authored content as it enables secure and seamless delivery of audio, video, etc. from artists to their audience. in case of attacks. DLT also enables using addresses (wallets) for verification in order to bypass the proof of identity and maintain anonymity of the participants. Timestamps may serve for defense of intellectual property rights or as a proof of ownership.